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Phenomenal Year

Brent Black   Associate Broker


Phenomenal Year in Real Estate

        This year has been a phenomenal year in Real Estate across the country, and Lethbridge & Southern Alberta is no exception.  A record number of sales have been recorded to date.  $433,000.00 million in sales, with the average home price exceeding $221,000.00



Here are some historical house prices over the years:


In 1971, an average 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ bath home sold for $ 20,955.00

In 1980, the price was $ 64,200.00, in 1990, the price was 77,125.00

In 1999, the price was $111,151.00, in 2005, the price was $162,347.00

In 2006, year to date the selling price is $221,400.00

2007, stats coming soon.


          The Real Estate market in Lethbridge & Alberta is as strong as ever; do not put off investing in Real Estate.For first time buyers this is extremely important. Waiting a year will add to your down payment cost & monthly payments. If you are empty nesters, it is a great time to downsize, putting away a nice sum for your retirement. Looking for a city & lifestyle such as Lethbridge to call home, call Brent Black today.


                  “Moving you in the right Direction”

Call me today at 327-2221 or 1-800-883-2801 for your home evaluation or any information you require about Real Estate for 2007.


Serving Lethbridge & Southern Alberta for over 30 years.

Brent Black  
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